My friends and I actually made this game for scorespace jam but the version I uploaded does not work for some reason and I can't edit the original so play this version instead

Press Z to stick out your tongue and press Z again to call it back, this can be done infinitely many times.

Bugs try to steal your ruby and even cooperate to do so. Don't let them carry it out of the screen or it is game over.

This is an arcade game so you can try again forever and there is no ending.


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Once I figured out how to play the game (moving with the arrows and sticking out the tongue to catch the flies), it was actually really great game and fun to play! I love the graphics, simple yet good looking. Also this is very original game concept to me, never played anything like this before I think. 

I wish there was an option to re-stick the tongue again midway while the frog is sticking it back, though it would make the game easier. Great job to you and your friends!


This game is looks awesome !!!!

Thanks to the artist