How I made this mod

It was hard for me to find tools and tutorials for modding games, especially since I didn't know much about modding and wasn't very involved with the community. So I'm writing this devlog to make your job a little easier. I used 2 main tools to change code and sprites; one is DnSpy and the other is uabe or unity assets bundle editor. DnSpy is fairly easier to grasp and use but uabe is not very clear, with it's labels, usage etc. both of them can be easily accessedand downloaded if you just type their names in browser of your preference, so I'm not including them here. I found DnSpy when searching for how to mod x game and used it for more games. uabe was easier to come by because it popped up when I googled .assets files, unlike DnSpy. I encourge you to try out these tools and see what you can find or do once you get inside games code and visuals. Also you can check out cheatengine for other stuff you can't do with DnSpy.

Get unstoppable skeleton trails

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